4 Things To Do This Spring If You Plan To Sell This Summer

(photo credit: Eduard Militaru, stocksnap.io)

If you plan on selling your home in the summer, now is actually the time to start preparing. Waiting until summer starts is a mistake, as homeowners often underestimate the amount of work that they’ll need to do to get their home market ready. Starting the process early gives you more time to prepare and complete any work that needs to be done on the property.

Here are a few things that you should tackle this spring to make sure that your home is in the best possible condition come summer.


No matter when you decide to sell, downsizing should be your first step. It’s one of the most important things to do, and it often takes much longer than homeowners expect. Over the years, we tend to collect junk and clutter without realizing it. Clutter makes rooms look smaller and prevents buyers from being able to easily imagine themselves in your space. Remove anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there and any personal effects before you list your home.

If you don’t want to donate or trash your items, consider renting a storage space where you can store all the extra things you’ve accumulated over the years.

Make repairs.

Do not put your home on the market if you know that it has problems that buyers are going to notice or that will show up during a home inspection. If buyers notice problems during their showings, they could potentially offer you less because they know they’re going to have to make the repairs. If you wait until your home inspection, you run the risk of having to quickly make those repairs, delaying closing, or having to accept a lower offer because they’ll take the cost of making those repairs out of their prior offer.

If you’re going to sell your home during a popular time of the year for real estate, it needs to be in the best possible condition if you want to see the most profit.

Update your home.

Dated homes typically bring in lower offers than more updated comparable properties. Small upgrades can make a big difference. Replacing your fixtures and lighting, removing any wallpaper and painting all of your walls a neutral color, and removing any overly dated furniture can make your home look much newer. Cosmetic changes shouldn’t matter to buyers, but they do, so keep that in mind before you list your home.

If you’re unsure of what looks dated, consider hiring a stager to help you. They can provide furniture and offer suggestions for ways to give your home a more modern look that will appeal to buyers.

Find a real estate agent.

Don’t wait until the buying season picks up to start your hunt for a real estate agent. It’s easier to find and vet agents during slower times of the year, and that will allow you to form a relationship with them so that you can actively start developing a plan and timeline for when you want to sell your home.

Do your research and find a few you might be interested in working with. Interview them and see what their suggestions are for your home before making your decision. Be sure to choose an agent that you feel you will work well with and one who seems to have your best interests in mind.

The Bottom Line

By the time that summer rolls around, your home should be ready to put on the market. You’ll have an advantage over your neighbors because you’ll already know which real estate professional you’re working with and what your plan is for selling your home. Start preparing now so that your home stands out when everyone else decides to put their home on the market, too.

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